Submission Workflow


For a recruiter, sourcing candidates and moving them through the recruiting process to a placement is how they make money.

This visual representation of this/digital tacking in Bullhorn’s ATS in displayed via the Submission Workflow.

In this case study, I will review my process of redesigning this pipeline workflow to streamline functionality and allow users to focus on the info they need.

Skills Focus

For this case study, I will focus on how user research was leveraged to drive the product solution.

Submission Workflow - Current, 1 Copy.png


The problem



As part of an enterprise push, surveys were pushed out to users 6 weeks after their inital login.


To start framing a solution, I do a few rounds of sketching. While sketching, I utilize the UX vision/design strategy to determine what elements are needed and how they should be prioritized.

After reviewing and testing hand-sketched ideas I bring them into a cohesive flow and recreate the design in a digital format.  My favorite tool for wireframing is Sketch with a plugin for InVision so that I can test and iterate as I go. 

After multiple iterations, I develop a final set of wireframes with annotations of interaction to best communicate design structure and functionality.  

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.14.44 AM.png

User Interface mockups

While functionality is critical, having a visually appealing UI is also a high priority.  

Much of my early professional design work came from developing high fidelity mockups for sales initiatives. I enjoy creating a cohesive style guide and building out mockups.

I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to UI and that starts with precise wireframes elevated to pixel perfect mockups, essential for accurately communicating a desired UI and enable developers to make that design a reality.   

I believe the best User Interfaces are simple, clean and consistent.